Urban forest zoning inspector Antti Luostarinen.

Local artist Marianne Turtiainen specialises on portraying the local sceneries.

Journalist Jere Malinen specialises on wildlife and hunting.

Finnish sport legend Juha Mieto giving a lecture at Tanhuvaara sports academy in Savonlinna.

Amnesty International activists Stephen Condit (left) and Varpu Vaarnamo photographed in Savonlinna Finland.

Pianist Liza Izleva plays in a spring-themed concert in the Savonlinna cathedral.

Student Minna Koponen seeks a career as a stableman.

Barber and a hair stylist Taneli Muhonen talks about the Finnish fashion.

Farmer Olli Huttunen checks the quality of the young crop.

High school student Aleksi Kiiskinen composes electronical music in the school’s studio facilities.

Violinist and conductor Erkki Lasonpalo pictured in Savonlinna.

Salla Luomanmäki, the former director of The Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff.

Ice hockey prospect Henri Ikonen pictured in the Savonlinna city centre.

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