Savonlinna city council members negotiating after the session.

Airsoft hobbyists in middle of a war game in Savonlinna.

Ice and frost causes damage to city piers and docks.

University freshman Lauri Paasikko made a traditional dip into water during the May Day festivities.

Cable ferry accident in Savonlinna, Finland.

Marathon finish line in Savonlinna.

A deer was found dead in the city lake.

Savonlinna city demolished an old building for a renewed cityscape.

Floorball team Top Team attacker Timo Käck scores from a penalty shot.

Savonlinna city hospital grounds during the building of an extension wing.

City race team got stuck in the start grid.

Agility competition in Savonlinna. Milo the dog follows her owner’s lead.

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