Mongolian pensioner Mrs. Darisurem pictured at her home in Nalaikh, Mongolia. September 2014.

(Picture set for Super-lehti magazine.)

Pre-school teacher Ms. Baasanjav Amgalanbayar communicating with her pupil Erkhembayar at the school for deaf children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. September 2014.

(Picture for Kotimaa newspaper.)

Flocks of birds follow the lone boat near the Isle of Noss coastline in Shetland, UK. April 2015.

(Picture set for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.)

Shetland zero carbon house owners Mrs. Dorothy Rea and Mr. Michael Rea pictured in front of their eco house. Shetland, UK. April 2015.

(Picture for STT wire service.)

Picture of a boy in a military outfit out in display in Moscow, Russia. October 2014.


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